Customer Authentication


To purchase an A, C or N permit online, you must login with your Kerberos ID below.  You may also view permit transaction receipts for purchases made through the Transportation Services office, and add vehicles to your account.

Citation payments and appeals can also be submitted by logging in with your Kerberos ID below. This will also allow you to view citation records and track appeal status for tickets issued to any vehicle you have linked to your customer record.

Effective January 1, 2021 students will no longer be eligible for long term permits and will purchase daily using the ParkMobile App. Information can be found here


Permits cannot be purchased online by 'Guest' users.  If you are not affiliated with UC Davis, you may use the Guest Login below to pay or appeal parking citations issued on the UC Davis campus. If you wish to purchase a permit, please contact Transportation Services by email or by calling 530-752-8277 during our business hours for information regarding eligibility and permit options.